I knew it would be the ideal place to me to work and spend my days. It’s catching on. People come in and they want to do good for themselves.

Angie Briggs

I am so very happy about this new emporium. It has the products that I had to go out of town to get before. Now I just pop in. Love your smoothies.

Vickie Lawrence

I’m very proud to say that I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and shop the store before the doors opened. I was very impressed with both, and would highly recommend Organic Emporium to everyone! The wheatgrass shots are my fave!

Jennifer Limon

My five year old son, Patrick, loves peanut butter. When I saw Raw Waves’ Chunky Monk, made with banana, organic apple juice, and natural peanut butter, I knew I had to get one for him. The first thing he said after he had tasted it was, ‘Mmmmmmm, delicious!’ I thought it was delicious as well, and what made it even better was that there were no additives, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners – just natural goodness! Truly delicious!

Ashley Sisson

 Went in there today… my smoothie was so yummy, and I really enjoyed the great atmosphere! Can’t wait to go again!

Kat Munoz

Victoria was limited on healthfood stores, so I love that we have such a unique place as Organic Emporium. It has a very different variety of healthy choices that other places do not have. The staff is so pleasant, friendly and helpful, and full of information about all the products. And the major plus, Organic Emporium is so close!

Elaine Hohlt

I like your store and the experience of the staff. And the smoothies are awesome! Thanks for bringing the movement to Victoria.

Alison Gonzales-Orta

The best food ever, and you don’t even realize its good for you!

Weldon B.

Organic Emporium is a business that Victoria needs, I strongly encourage anyone living in the area to spend your money here rather then any of the “big box stores” that will only sell you substandard “food.”

Eric Martinez

Wellness is at your fingertips or shall I say, lips, at the Organic Emporium. Who wouldn’t want to partake at an “emporium”? The word itself conjures a magical mystical place of well-being and celebration! There is so much to learn about real food and nutrition. And while you’re learning, revitalize yourself with a daily dose of wheat grass (Raw Waves-mmmm) to make your organs happy! Our organ systems must all function in an interdependent holistic relationship. Stop putting junk into your body and see what internal fitness can do for you. My favorites are the chips and hummus (hummus among-us), bible bread, smoothies, wheat grass juice, cheese varieties, a body talk expert onsite, and a knowledgeable nutritionist and naturopath. For once, let organic nature serve you!

Sherri E.